Ceramic table lamp

Ceramic table lamp thrown on a wheel. Some seemingly random cuts are made on the classic base of the vase, from which rays of light shine.


Minimal Design

Luminous element in glazed terracotta, inspired by the shapes and colors of deep water corals. Minimalist, it takes us back to the evolving forms of this trend.

Composition 1

Bucchero Pieces

Unique pieces thrown from the wheels, smooth and cooked in carbon and in the absence of oxygen, which give a silky effect to the surfaces. Made with the bucchero technique, an ancient manufacturing technique belonging to the Etruscans.


Vintage table set

This is an eclectic emblematic decay of 1980s design. Made with fusion briefs, these pieces are designed for both modern environments and for use in banquets or special ceremonies.


“Cannon” Traditional Etruscan ceramic furniture with a contemporary design.

Table lamp made with a potter’s wheel; with a bucchero finish, a traditional Etruscan technique. The function of this elegant fusion between an Amphora vase and a cannon is to diffuse directional light. It is available in various sizes and inclinations as agreed in the drawings.

Giovanni Mengoni,
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