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Giovanni Mengoni
was born in Gubbio in 1969.

He has always lived in Umbria, a region located in centre of Italy and bound to its ancient traditions, where the artistic methods and craftsmanship have been handed down for centuries. After his studies at the Painting Department of Perugia Academic Arts Institute, he worked together with many different ceramic artisan companies, as a potter, mold maker and decorator. He has worked together with famous artists and architects like Nello Teodori and Ugo La Pietra in the development and realization of their projects. For long time he has been involved in research and innovation in the  field of ceramics, studying the traditional processing methods and their applications in contemporary design and furniture. His expertise focuses on the production of Etruscan Bucchero, traditional Italian maiolica and terracotta as well as stoneware and porcelain.

We are proud to be innovative. A continuous research

The research aims at blending handicraft techniques with new technologies and giving a contemporary sense to the ancient crafts in the natural evolution of the matter, which is transformed into objects of strong communicative ethics. The stimulus comes from a creative impulse, free from constraints, founded in years of experience in this sector.

An important recognition

Collaborations with architects and designers, contributed to the obtainment of “MAM Prize”, a national recognition with which the “Cologni Foundation of Art Crafts”, rewards excellence in various fields of crafts, production and art. Am achievement  which came after a long professional development, exploring several fields, focused on the most evocative matter which is Ceramics.

We are a team of brilliant people with a look to the future

Creativity, linked to the ability to interpret objects of art, craftsmanship and design, gives rise to ideas and proposals, which can grow through a deep and accurate exchange with partners, bringing continuous development,  targeted towards constant innovation.

Award | Press | Exposition


”Bottles”: Ceramic objects, personal exhibition at Palazzo Beni, Gubbio, Italy, curated by Prof.Angelo Trotta


Artehotel, Interior painting, Hit Hotel, Perugia, Italy


Real Estate Milano, Marketing plan, Graphic and Architectural design for the installation of the stand “Monacelli Franco building constructions”, at Milano Fiere “EIRE real estate”


Realization of the personal website:


School Festival, Cultural Formation Institute, Presentation of the 3D printing, Porcelain realizations, Sant’Anna Foundation, at “Capitini” Technical Institute, Perugia, Italia


First Prize Winner “Design Loci”, Guardiagrele (CH), Abruzzo region Craftmanship


In 2019, the Cologni Foundation of Milan honoured Giovanni Mengoni with the title of Master Potter.


Diversities, the local colors/ Umbrian Bucchero. 64th International Market Exhibition of Handicraft. Fortezza da Basso, Firenze, cured by the architects Nello Teodori and Ugo La Pietra


“Ad Arte”. Applied Arts Biennal, Palazzo dei Congressi, Darfo, Boario Terme (BR), cured by the architects Nello Teodori and Ugo La Pietra


Realization Marketing Plan, Business plan and objecs. ” Pandora Lamp” a didactic action with the collaboration of Unioncamere, Art Lyceum, Deruta (PG), Italy


“Doppia Firma”, Laureziana Library, Fuorisalone Milano. Realization of “Bucchero d’Autore” with Ugo la Pietra, Michele de Lucchi, Marco Zanuso, Lorenzo Damiani, collaboration with YOOX and Corriere della sera Newspaper, Cologni Foundation, setting up by Salaris Studio Milan, Italy


Realizzazione della collezione in Bucchero “Una forza interiore” progetto di Ugo La Pietra presentata presso la Galleria “Officine Saffi.


Personal exhibition “La città futura”, Gubbio (PG), Italy cured by M.G Fiorucci
#HomoFaberGuide - 1 ottobre – #ExperienceExcellence Campaign – Che cosa significa per te eccellenza artigiana?


Playing with Art Meeting, educational art workshop, at Ceramic Museum Laboratory”Bruno Munari” Faenza (....), Italy


Fatto ad Arte, My Territoriality, Museum of San Salvatore in Lauro, Roma, cured by the architects Nello Teodori and Ugo la Pietra


Personal exhibition of he architect, artist Ugo la Pietra, Triennale Milano. Realization of unique pieces for the exhibition.


Cooperation with Flou and Elena Caponi Studio, realization of objects for the installation of the stand. International Catalogue for Flou Night and Flou Living Divanes.


Prize MAM Masters of art, Cologni Foundation, Milano, Italy


Art and Design exhibition “Agosto Corcianese”, Perugia, Italy.