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About us

A little bit of us

A deep passion for Design, Architecture, Art, Visual Communication and the realized projects, result in sober customer satisfaction. The concrete experience in the ancient workshops of the umbrian ceramic masters and the teaching of such techniques, are areas that allow a global vision of the furnishing complement, immersed in the surrounding space.


Our mission

The mission aims at making the territorial system sustainable and productive, passing on its centuries-old artisan techniques, modernizing its contents, connecting them to global cultural communication languages and highlighting the ethical value that has always distinguished Umbria region. Here the meditative thinking finds its deep identity.


We provide solutions

We provide the pleasure of sharing new successes, related to the supply of high quality handcrafted products, in various sectors in the field of ceramics. They include traditional majolica, Etruscan bucchero, flame-friendly pots, erthenware, gres and porcelain, which materialize into unique pieces, limited collections and eco-friendly products for large distribution.

Unique pieces

Realization of unique pieces, objects that can be customized with an exclusive design


Prototyping, 3D printing, to the agreed design test on new ceramic products

Business plan

Serial development, business plan production feasibility studies, product marketing plans

We organize ceramic courses, in particular, bucchero Etrusco, modeling, pottery wheel, and 3D printing.


the variety of our services